Best Black Friday TV Deals 2019

Best Black Friday TV Deals 2019 : Black Friday is the time every family buys most stuff online, because usually there are great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Most people prefer to buy Home and Kitchen items as they are used everyday. Televisions are one of those things that are used everyday in our daily life. Black Friday is a great time to buy televisions as they are usually 50% – 70% OFF on Black Friday.

We have listed some of the Best Black Friday Televisions deals providing great discounts with their specifications as well.

Technology has advanced in the last few years, now you can also stream directly from the Internet and Reddit on your Televisions. There are tons of things you can do on your television these days. In this post we have made a list of Best black Friday TV deals which you would get maximum discount.

Keep in mind these features when looking for a new 3D TV:

Size : buy a 3D TV with the right width in comparison with the dimensions of the room you want to set it in.

Glasses : A reliable 3D TV comes with Glasses too (most 3D TV offer free glasses, generally between 2 and 4 pairs)

Wi-Fi capabilities :  so you can stream movies or other contents directly off the internet

Multiple HDMI ports : to help you connect it to other HD devices (gaming consoles, AV receivers etc.)

A fast and problem free 2D to 3D conversion : some models lack this feature and you will wait several minutes when switching from 2D to 3D

Best Black Friday TV Deals 2019

Sharp LC-70SQ15U Aquos Q+ 3D Smart LED TVAquosCheck Price
Samsung UN65H7150 3D Smart LED TVSamsung Check Price
Sony KDL50W800B 3D Smart LED TVSonyCheck Price
LG Electronics 55LB7200 3D Smart LED TVLGCheck Price
Samsung UN60HU8550 3D Smart LED HDTVSamsungCheck Price
Sony KDL55HX850 LED TVSonyCheck Price
Samsung PN60E8000 Plasma TVSamsungCheck Price
Panasonic TC-P60GT50 Plasma TVPanasonicCheck Price
LG 55LM9600 LED TVLGCheck Price
Samsung UN55D8000SamsungCheck Price
LG 42LM6200LGCheck Price
LG 47CM565LGCheck Price
LG LWL5600LGCheck Price

1. Sharp LC-70SQ15U Aquos Q+ 3D Smart LED TV

Few 3D TVs can compare with the Sharp LC-70SQ15U when it comes to its picture quality and its smart features. Because this LED TV has a 240Hz refresh rate, you will be able to play video games without noticing any motion blur. The 70 inch TV can be easily mounted on any type of wall with the help of some sturdy mounting brackets. Connecting it with other devices won’t prove to be difficult because the TV has 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports. You will be able to control its every feature via its universal remote control. The menu won’t prove difficult to use and you will be able to quickly stream videos or movies directly from sites like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Youtube and so on. The customer reports are very positive in describing the TV’s features and our experts believe this is one of the best 3D TVs you can purchase now.

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2. Samsung UN65H7150 3D Smart LED TV

If you want a top cinematic experience in the privacy of your own home, then you need to search for a premium plasma TV. One of the best models currently on the market is the Samsung UN65H7150. This 65 inch LED TV is capable Full HD images and grants its user the possibility to view 3D movies or TV shows. The LED technology used for its wide screen will allow different users to view a high picture quality from any angle. The Voice and Motion Controls will make giving the TV certain commands much more fun. Also, the TV is fitted with 4 different HDMI ports to guarantee easy connectivity options to other Full HD devices. Many satisfied customers have praised its modern design too, an area where Samsung TVs is always ahead of the competition. If you purchase this TV, you will receive, free of charge, 2 pairs of 3D Active glasses.

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3. Sony KDL50W800B 3D Smart LED TV

Through the KDL50W800B model, Sony has managed to create a 3D TV with some excellent features, but which has a very affordable price range. It’s a smart TV too and you will be able to navigate the internet quickly with the help of the Opera browser. This will also guarantee you the possibility to stream movies or other contents without having to wait too long. The picture quality will please anyone with its vivid colors and deep black levels for dark images. The 120 Hz refresh rate won’t allow blurry images to become an issue and ruin your picture quality. Furthermore, the LED technology makes it consume less energy than models using LCD technology. We advise purchasing this 3D LED TV from Amazon because it has the cheapest deals.

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4. LG Electronics 55LB7200 3D Smart LED TV

The LG 55LB7200 manages to have a top picture quality and an eye-catching futuristic design, making it one of the most popular LED TVs this year. Many experts recommend this LED TV for gamers because of its 240Hz refresh rate. Multiple audio or video devices can be connected to it simultaneously thanks to its 3 HDMI inputs and 3 USB ports. You will get Cinema 3D glasses if you purchase it, without them adding to its price range. The 55LB7200 has smart capabilities as well and this will give you the chance to use numerous apps and to stream videos in a jiffy. The Magic Remote is definitely a nice touch tiâo this TV because with the simple wave of your hand you can access different features, change channels or switch from one picture mode to the other. In conclusion, this is definitely a top notch 3D TV which can be bought for a very respectful price range.

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5. Samsung UN60HU8550 3D Smart LED HDTV

The Samsung UN60HU8550 is a new 3D TV model from Samsung which has impressed experts with its complete set of features and amazing video quality. If you decide to get this latest generation 3D TV, you will also receive, free of charge, four pairs of 3D Active Glasses. This way the whole family can enjoy a complete 3D experience and marvel lifelike pictures. You can get comfortable in your sofa and use the Voice Control Function. Also, use the four HDMI ports to connect quickly to other HD audio or video devices. As usual this Samsung TV gets high marks from us for the excellent slim design.

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6. Sony KDL55HX850 LED TV

From sound to picture quality, Sony KDL55HX850 LED backlit LCD Active 3D Television never fails its users. The pictures look as if it is really there, alive. The contrast and brightness may also be adjusted with the wide array of options made available by the 3D television. People continue to like this TV because of it excellent processing and color rendition offering a very strong picture for the viewers. It also has a built-in OptiContrast panel made of Corning Gorilla Glass ensuring durability and stability of the product. It also offers streaming services, meaning, you can get videos and files through the internet.

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7. Samsung PN60E8000 Plasma TV

Samsung PN60E8000 is one of the best 3D TVs 2014. It looks great with its fine black matte finish and ultrathin features. This amazing super thin plasma TV has a full web browser and an additional touchpad remote control, while the new Social TV control brings your social media setting on the sidebar. It has a built-in WiFi and all the Internet TV options from a complete Samsung suite. The revolutionary new light 3D glasses from Samsung do not flicker, nor does any blurring occur while it is being tested. The PN60E8000 Plasma Active 3D retains a strong picture performance over previous Samsung plasma models. Rendition of color has never been a problem with Samsung plasma TV and it exemplifies the true quality of what best TVs are made of delivering crisp, vivid and clear photos.

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8. Panasonic TC-P60GT50 Plasma TV

In many 3D TV revews 2014, it boasts of one of its candidates. Having a sleek design of having infinite black ultra panel, the Panasonic TC-P60GT50 Plasma Active 3D has a good image quality. Its colors are found to be very vibrant and rich and the viewing in 3 dimensions is excellent. The viewing options are available is wide array offering the users freedom. The price may be a little too pricey but it’s worth every penny. Experience entertainment in a brand new pace with Panasonic TC-P60GT50 Plasma Active 3D Television.

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9. LG 55LM9600 LED TV

From appearance to functions, LG 55LM9600 LED Television Passive 3D Television keeps on astonishing its viewers. It is thin, having an ultran thin 5mm bezel width for a modern look. It also has that OLED TV technology to optimize the TVs screen image while giving it a window type effect. The 3D television can also be connected to the internet applications like Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, and more. What also makes this TV amazing is its amazing magic wand remote control that enables users to point and drag the curser before clicking to make selections. LG 55LM9600 is also suitable for gaming activities and 2 people can play using the same TV by using the split screen mode. This 3D television is definitely a good choice.

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10. Samsung UN55D8000

The Samsung UN55D8000 is a 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV and considered by many as the best 3D TV 2014.

Technologies have combined in the Samsung UN55D8000. Basically, it belongs to a class of smart TV. Into a single device, many of the modern technologies have combined, because of which the users can enjoy its different features. The owners of the Samsung UN55D8000 can easily own the enjoyment of favorite TV shows as well as browse the World Wide Web. This is basically a smart TV, which contain lots of features. Different softwares have been used on this device, which have made it more fascinating for the users. Day by day, the customer range of the Samsung UN55D8000 has been increasing.

One of the best features of the Samsung UN55D8000 is the fastest internet connection. It contains a ‘search all’ feature by which the users can use its all applications. The wider range of documentaries, videos, maps and much other global information can easily find out by using its search tools. The package of the Samsung UN55D8000 included‘All share’ software as well. The owner can use this device to listen music and to view photographs as well. This makes the quality of the image much high by using 3D glasses. The Samsung UN55D8000 can be placed on any furniture such as table, ceiling or bed. This device has made the life of people easy and entertaining.

As every product contains both pros and cons. First I will discuss the pros of the Samsung UN55D8000. According to the customer report of the Samsung UN55D8000, the machine of this device is much light. Because of the 1.2 inch deep length of this device, this device can be mounted easily.

On the other hand, this device gives the realistic-look to the images. It can also perform the moving functions for the images. It can also rotate the viewer’s current angle. The web search feature of this device makes it more useful for the users. The Sound quality of this device makes it effective and attractive. No doubt that the Samsung UN55D8000 is so efficient and energetic. More so over, the WI-fi facility has also presented on this device. The people, who conduct the review of Samsung UN55D8000, can easily consider it as a technological masterpiece, because it really works like a master.

On the other hand, Samsung UN55D8000 has some cons as well, because this device got some complaints as well. The pixels of this device are red instead of black, which are its negative points. While, glare is another minus for this machine. On the other hand, the sound quality of the Samsung UN55D8000 is also not properly good or perfect. But the customers should purchase this device, because it has more pros than cons.

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11. VIZIO E3D420VX

In the present time, flat panel TV sets are getting very much popular due to sleek and stylish design. This is the only feature that is making these TV sets famous in national and international market. These TV sets are very much expensive to afford. So a normal person cannot afford it. Further most of these TV sets do not provide full brightness. This is one of the inherent defects due to which many people prefer traditional TV sets on these flat panel TV sets. Hence there should be a flat panel TV set that can fulfill the requirements of the people by providing high quality at low and optimum cost. This desire has been fulfilled by the launch of VIZIO E3D420VX in the market.

This is the only TV set of its genre that is getting popular with every passing day. So there is no need to opt for any other flat panel TV set. This TV set is there to meet your all requirements. VIZIO E3D420VX review tells you the various features and characteristics of this TV set due to which it is different and unique from all other ordinary flat panle TV set. You can also view the product on the internet in order to get satisfaction.

Its picture quality is crystal clear. It is very much interesting to note that this flat panel TV sets provides the complete 3D cinema view at home. So there is no need to go to cinema houses to watch your favorite movies. There is built in internet apps and there is also the facility of WI-FI in this flat panel TV set. This is the biggest feature of this TV set that is attracting the number of people in national and international market. Other TV sets that are available in the market do not have this feature. So it is very much unique and different.

According to VIZIO E3D420VX customer reports, its enchanting features are enough to make it stand alone in national and international market. There are three HDMI ports that are provided with this TV set. This feature is least present in other ordinary flat panel TV sets. This TV also allows you to connect the USB device with it to share the media and photos that can be viewed easily.

There is an ambient light sensing technology. This technology increases or decreases the brightness of the TV depending on the light present in the surrounding. So what you need more. This is one of the best flat panel TV sets. If you really want to purchase this TV set then you just need to place the order and after this the TV set will be delivered to you. So there is no need to wait, place the order and grab it.

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12. LG 42LM6200

As we know that in the present time, there are number of manufacturers that are manufacturing flat panel TV sets. These companies are getting popular with the passage of time due to increase in the demand of these TV sets. It is not surprising to note that these TV sets are very much expensive as compared to other ordinary traditional TV sets. There are various sizes that are available in these types of flat panel Tv sets.

Due to increased cost and limited features, there should be a TV set that can fulfill the demands and requirements of the customers by providing maximum features at low and reasonable cost. This desire has been fulfilled by LG. The company has launched LG 42LM6200 in the market, one of the best 3D TVs 2014. This is one of the best flat panel TV sets that are available in the market. LG 42LM6200 review is enough to tell you the features and characteristics of this type of flat panel TV set. So there is no need to opt for any other ordinary flat panel TV set. This is there to meet your expectations of 3D cinema by sitting at your home.

There are many countless features and characteristics of this TV set that make it unique and different from all other ordinary TV sets. It is one of the best smart TV sets that are available in the market. In other words, we can say that this TV is competing in national and international market. In the present time, it has become the desire of everyone to purchase this TV to enjoy the complete brightness and high picture quality at home. Now there is no need to go to cinema houses to watch movies 3D. All you need to purchase this TV.

The sleek and smart design of this TV set makes it very much portable. You can easily fit this TV in the place where you want. Other ordinary flat panel TV sets do not provide the high brightness. There are other some inherent defects as well. So if you are really looking for the best flat panel TV set then this is the perfect and best option for you available in national and international market.

According to LG 42LM6200 customer reports if you want to make the final decision then you can compare this TV set with other ordinary TV sets that are available in the market. For this purpose, you can use the internet and read reviews about other flat panel TV sets. You can also take suggestions from your friends and family members. After doing so, one will surely select this TC set as final. There is LED backlight that makes it eye catching. So if you want to purchase, you just need to place the order and the TV set will be delivered to you.

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13. LG 47CM565

Take home the LG 47CM565 and be ready to take the ride of your lifetime! This review will give you a few reasons on why this many customers consider that it is the best 3D TV 2014.

This LG Cinema 3D offers full high-definition 1080p resolution with amazing color as well as profound black levels may it be on movies, games, etc., together with innovative features, the exclusive Magic Remote Control as well as nearly frameless screen design. It also has a wide viewing angle and hence you can relish efficient 3D regardless of where you are seated – all the reasons on why the LG 47CM565 ratings are high up there!

The LG 47CM565 comes with 2 sets of flicker-free 3D glasses (just like those that you typically get at your local movie theater), that requires no batteries or recharging, whatsoever. Further, with the Clip-On Cinema 3D glasses (which are sold separately by LG), anybody wearing corrective spectacles can take pleasure in Cinema 3D in comfort and with much ease without having to wear any additional glasses.

3D nowadays is not for the latest releases any longer. The unique 2D to 3D conversion feature of this LG TV can turn nearly everything from classic films to your favorite TV shows to sports into superb 3D. In case you are not into 3D at the moment, then no problem. This 3D ready Cinema TV still provides exceptional color and in-depth detail in standard 2D. Also, you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment such as HD films, HDTV programs, and much more on this wonderfully sleek device. Both online and physical stores offer the LG 47CM565 for sale.

This remarkable picture quality is the major reason as to why many people want an HDTV to begin with. With almost 2x the resolution, the LG 47CM565 offers excellent picture clarity over other HDTVs. Here you can see colors and details like you have never seen before. So, what is still stopping you from heading out to scout for the best LG 47CM565 deals? You and you alone have the answer to that one.

Get easy auto-calibration with on-display resource points for major picture quality components like color, tint, black level, backlight levels and sharpness. Do not wish to spend much of your precious time fiddling with the TV remote and guessing how to efficiently adjust the picture? Well, with this user–friendly feature of the LG 47CM565 such will be a thing of the past. You cannot actually refer to this as magic; however, if there is such a thing, then this would probably it.

Let your high-definition TV perform all of the necessary adjustments and picture calibrations for you. The Intelligent Sensor built in into this device enhances the picture automatically towards the color and lighting conditions in the particular room from where it is placed, giving you nothing but a wonderful viewing experience every time you turn it on.

The LG 47CM565 HDTV also comes with exclusive Smart Energy Saving features that helps you conserve energy and, at the very same time, money. What more could you possibly ask for?

The LG 47CM565 is certainly a remarkable device. It is time now to search for a reliable retailer of this device, and you might even be lucky enough to find an LG 47CM565 discounted in price.

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14. LG LWL5600

Here is a brief, yet extensive LG LWL5600 review for those of you who are considering investing in this product. The most noticeable feature of the LG LWL5600 series is how outstanding the LCD TV’s colors are, both in bright and dark environment. Its black levels are also relatively deep, complementing its matte screen that’s very effective when viewing it in bright areas. Another great thing about it is that it has an even screen uniformity, despite being an edge-lit LED-based LCD TV. Its features are all also well-designed, with its Smart TV Internet portal highlighted with excellent streaming services, along with a Wi-Fi dongle. There is also a motion-sensitive remote that is very easy to use. If you fancy Passive 3D, this LCD TV offers such, and even includes four pairs of 3D glasses in the package.

It really does seem like the best is in the LG LWL5600. However, you would also have to shell out a few more hundred bucks in order to acquire it. Sure, you may find stores that sell LG LWL5600 discounted in price, but this LG LED TV is still kind of expensive for its worth.

Its edge-lit feature, common in most LED-based TV, also posed a disadvantage to all its excellent features. Almost unsurprisingly, it produced some artifacts and noticeable blooming, while the TV highlights became less-vibrant during dark scenes. It is also disappointing how this TV makes pictures lose more contrast in off-angles than most TVs in its league. Aside from that, its search feature is made almost useless with the absence of Pandora. And to tell you the truth, the Passive 3D, with its soft images and increased artifacts, actually has a worse overall quality compared to the Active 3D.

As for its physique, LG LWL5600 delivers well, with its sleek and streamlined form punctuated by a glossy black coat and squared corners, it is a picture of fine elegance in simplicity. The swivel stand and the rectangular base that are included in the standard package also exude such elegance with its glossy black coating. The only considerable “accessory” in this LCD TV is a non-illuminated LG logo at the bottom edge of the TV and a transparent, non-obtrusive edge. The LG LWL5600 also holds our record as one of the thinnest TV profile out in the market, with it being just over an inch thick.

With the motion-sensitive remote control, you can also access a great number of apps that LG LWL5600 also has to offer. For this Smart TV, LG noticeably made favorable changes on their menu, focusing on the apps and services instead of the usual TV customization options.

Overall, our LG LW5600 ratings is four stars over five. Despite the stubborn flaws of the passive 3D, its picture quality in general is astounding, considering that it actually is an edge-lit LED-based LCD TV. Even in bright rooms, you can be sure that you’ll have an incredible TV experience with the LG LW5600. Want our advice? Scout online for different LG LWL5600 deals and maybe you may even catch a sale.

Also, you may catch LG LWL5600 for sale in any of your local LG appliance store, nationwide.

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